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    5 ft. 6 in.
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    High School
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    Self Employed
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Everyday of my life I always notice, I am getting happy and realized how lucky I am to face another day in this world. I am the kind of woman who always loves being true to myself always and the kind of woman who never afraid to face the crown and face life everyday. I am the kind of woman who loves singing and that I consider music as part of my life. It heals everything and I do believe that it will make my life happy as ever.

What I am looking for

Do you care if I tell you that YOU are the apple of my eye? Yes you and no one else. I'm very serious looking for someone who can accept me as I am and the age does not bother me at all. I want to know and learn about other culture and I find foreign men interesting. I'm very positive about to meet my forever here. I need a man who will kiss me in the morning and say that he's very contented in me. And I do believe that if God's will then be it. I will embrace and cherish the man who wants to create a real family with me. Let's start the love story soon!