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i'm a single mom of 3 but 1 of them died at birth,i'm 5'3",readish long hair,hazel eyes,medium build,anything else u want to know ask and i might answer
HighSchool: Dauphin County Technical School
Music: i listen to mostly rap and r&b but i listen to all kinds of music
TV: two and 1/2 men,reba,csi miami and new york,forensic files,dog bounty hunter just to name a few
Books: i like david and richard pelzers books,for me to read it it has to catch my interest and keep it
Sports: i love the eagles,i like the steelers,well u can say any team to do with pa,but i also like the lakers,and the sixers
Interests: i love playin pool,darts hangin out with friends and family
Movies: i love tyler perry movies,all about the benjermines,takers.lottery ticket just to name a few i have alot of movies i like
BestFeatures: my husband says everything
Dreams: i'm hopin to find that special someone to complete my family.

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