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i am a christian,well brought up and well behaved,I believe in love at first sight,I am Honest and God Fearing.All i want in you is honesty and true love and in a relationship. I do have fun,read the Bible,poems,i watch emotional and love movies and musics,my best color is blue and my best food is salad,fried rice and pizza.I like to swim,i like to read the bible and go to church and i like to read poems and listen to blues and christian songs,i like to watch sports and watch movies,i like to cook and go to beaches.
Music: hip-hop,RnB,rock and country side music..
TV: soap opera will be okay.
Books: orgy..shrek .titanic,
Sports: hand ball,hockey.beach walking.swiming.
Interests: I am looking for a one woman;s man, trust is VERY important to me.Loyalty, trust & honesty are VITAL for long term happiness, I do not like one night stands and ONLY do things when I know and care for the person.I have no objection to others that smoke, though I choose not to.I am looking for a person to be a friend as well as a partner in life.I like children (I was one myself once) and have NO objection to helping you bring up yours or having some with me.he should be true and sincere, he should be the type that will love and expect to be loved, he should know the importance of love and commitment in a relationship and should be ready to settle down too
Movies: love dont cost a thing, the rise of the licans ,two and the half man..i have so much verities of movie
BestFeatures: don't really have one.
Dreams: Is to be with the man i love,together with our children in the same our.

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